Car Accident Lawyer Talks About Pile-Ups

You are driving along the freeway paying attention to your preferred CD when suddenly it becomes a whiteout. Next thing you understand you are being hit and spinning around. When you lastly stop and things become more noticeable, you understand that another 30 cars remain in the same boat. It is difficult to determine who hit you or whom you strike. Every year there are pile-ups and as an automobile accident lawyer, I wish to take a 2nd to talk about the complexity of these types of mishaps.

The first thing to note is that many things can trigger a pile-up. Inclement weather, a distracted driver, roadway construction or a number of other things can cause these types of accidents. They talk about whether or not anyone was injured and how long the highway will be closed when you see a pile-up on the news. The something they do not enter talking about is who is going to spend for it.

I want I could provide you a concrete answer but I can’t. If you find yourself in the middle of a pile-up, I will provide you some recommendations about what you ought to do. The first thing you have to do is keep quiet. Asking the other motorists if they are alright is typical however do not stat talking about how the accident occurred. You do not want to incriminate yourself in any way.

The 2nd thing you have to do is take images of your car, the automobiles around you and any crucial signs or landmarks. All these images may be available in useful latter. You must start gathering the info for the motorists around you. Make certain that you offer the authorities a statement and get any contact info necessary. Lastly, there is one very important action – look for medical attention. You are going to have a hard time getting settlement for it if it is not recorded.

With pile-ups, it is difficult to prove carelessness. With that said, there are some cases where it is clear that someone’s negligence triggered the mishap or a minimum of part of the pile-up. If this were the case, that person would be the defendant versus all the other motorists.

You need to contact a skilled car accident lawyer if you are involved in a pile-up. An attorney will ensure that you take the essential actions after the mishap. As far as car mishaps go, a pile-up is the most complex and can be the hardest to prove neglect with.

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Updated: March 31, 2017 — 9:27 pm
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