Understand Houston Oil Drilling Accident Cases

In Texas and the Gulf Coast, drilling for oil and gas is very common. With that continuous activity to satisfy the high need for these natural deposits, worker safety is sometimes neglected in the name of revenues. Accidents can take place in oil fields and on drilling rigs that trigger serious injuries to employees, many of whom are not trained or monitored appropriately. Oil companies ought to be held accountable for their failure to safeguard employees from damage.


The building and construction of oil platforms and oil rigs is often a harmful task for workers on the task, especially when proper precaution are not taken throughout the procedure. The neglect of building supervisors, co-workers, manufacturers and other 3rd parties can often add to mishaps throughout oil platform building that leads to serious injuries.

The Callahan Law Firm, we pride ourselves in aggressively representing oil platform construction employees and their family members following a severe accident. Our company has significant experience and legal understanding, in addition to a network of market professionals, which assists us thoroughly examine accident cases in Texas. We will utilize our resources to assist clients and their families throughout the process.

The injuries or deaths that can result from an oil drilling accident can be ravaging and alter the rest of your life. Whether you’re disabled or disfigured, or learning how to live without the exact same movement you when took pleasure in, or needing to face the future without a buddy or loved one, your future can include major financial obstacles.

Common Causes of Oil Rig Mishaps

Due to the industrial-level equipment that is utilized on most oil rigs and oilfields, there can be many different reasons for injury. Frequently the large amount of pressure produced from hydraulic fracking and other techniques of extraction can cause equipment to stop working, which can lead to devastating injuries to those surrounding the equipment.

Some common causes of oilfield accidents can include:

Equipment failure
Drilling Rig Accidents
Malfunctioning interaction between operators and employees
Inadequately trained staff members
Inefficient safeguards and rushed work environments
Infractions of security policies and treatments

While there are lots of security standards that have been put in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), lots of accidents take place when these standards are not followed, or if a business chooses to put earnings ahead of worker safety, and does not enforce the safety requirements on-site.

The drilling accidents lawyer at the Callahan Law office understands that oilfield accidents and drilling rig injuries usually need an attorney ready to fight strongly on your behalf. The huge oil and their big insurance companies do not really appreciate you. We are here to help even the playing field and will take your oilfield accident case all the way to trial and appeal, if needed.

Updated: April 3, 2017 — 12:33 am
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